Program director
Michael Pecaut

Associate program director
Christopher Wilson

The goal of the Neurosciences, Systems Biology, and Bioengineering (NSBB) program is to train students to apply strategies of cutting-edge engineering, integrative biology, and bioinformatics to impactful questions of fundamental biology and human health. Investigational foci include, but are not restricted to, handling large data sets (e.g., -omics, 4D imaging), neuroscientific quantification (e.g., electrophysiology, behavior), tissue engineering (e.g., bioreactors, organoids), and in silico modeling of biological networks and cells. NSBB emphasizes experimental precision, whereby high resolution study tools and rigorous statistical analyses go hand-in-hand. It is not uncommon for NSBB students to customize and maintain their own experimental apparatuses and associated techniques. In turn, students spearhead their respective fields of study early on during their academic research careers. Due to its multi-disciplinary nature, NSBB is also highly collaborative with other programs on campus that are centered on studies of inflammation, cancer and regenerative medicine.

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