Featured in this episode:
Leroy Reese, MD – Associate Dean, Los Angeles Programs
Marino de León, PhD - Director, Center for Health Disparities and Molecular Medicine
Leslie Pollard, PhD, DMin – Vice President, Community Partnerships and Diversity
Daniel Bedney – Student, LLUSM Class of 2012
Gabriel Linares – Student, LLU PhD Program
Laura Hanson – Student, LLUSM Class of 2012
Jaysson Brooks – Student, LLUSM 2011
Mark Warren - Student, LLUSM Class of 2013
Sylvester Paulasir – Student, LLUSM Class of 2012

Studio Segment
Leroy Reese, Marino de León, Leslie Pollard, Daniel Bedney, and Gabriel Linares talk about their involvement in LLU’s “pipeline” programs, which give high school students of various ethnic backgrounds the opportunity to excel in the health sciences.

History Snapshot
During a time of extreme financial crisis, several churchwomen band together to help save the School of Medicine and manage to raise enough funding to build the White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles in 1922.

Student Story
Sylvester Paulasir shares his perspective on the rigors of life as a second year medical student.