About Us

The Center for Perinatal Biology consists of a group of biomedical scientists devoted to investigation of the biology of the developing fetus and newborn infant.  The Center includes a dozen faculty members most of whom have appointments in the Divisions of Physiology, Pharmacology, or Biochemistry.  Many of the members have primary or joint appointments in the Departments of Anatomy, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Pediatrics.  In addition, other faculty in the basic sciences who collaborate on various research projects are associate members of the Center.  The various faculty are responsible for conducting research, as well as teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the department/division of their primary appointment. In addition to faculty, a number of postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students spend from two to four years in the Center to obtain basic science training in fields related to developmental physiology/neurobiology/endocrinology/immunology.  Visiting scholars from other universities also work in the Center during their sabbatical leave or for other periods.

Since its inception in 1973, the Center has evolved from a quasi-independent division of the Department of Physiology, to a "mini-institute" within the University.  Essentially all of the funds to support the Center and its research program are derived from competitive grants from the National Institutes of Health (including a major Program Project Grant), with lesser amounts from the National Science Foundation, American Heart Association, March of Dimes-Birth Defects Foundation, and other agencies. 

Without exception, the faculty of the Center for Perinatal Biology are national and international leaders in maternal, fetal and neonatal physiology and/or biochemistry, and are experts in their individual discipline.  Each investigator has an established record of productivity and innovation and is a highly gifted, competent, and established scientist in their own right.  The faculty of the Center constitute a multidisciplinary group with a unique and broad perspective which is ideal for research and training new investigators.  Each member has a strong background in the basic sciences, a major commitment to science, and to the Mission of Loma Linda University.  Each faculty member devotes 90% or more of their time to research and training.  The group has a proven record of collaboration, and work well together in a spirit of amicability and cohesion.