Zeiss LSM 710 NLO          Zeiss Axio Imager A1 - Stereology            

Olympus FV1000              Nikon Optiphot               Keyence BZ-X710


Analysis Workstations

The core facility has three offline analysis systems with Intel Xeon-based processors. Two of these are custom-built Origin computers and the third is a Dell Precision computer. All analysis workstations have the most recent versions of the Fiji build of Image J and RStudio, 2023.12.1. The Dell workstation is additionally equipped with Zeiss Zen software and SparkLab 5.8.2, custom-made program for analysis of linescan images. One of the Origin analysis workstations has a fully functional copy of Imaris and Imaris Stitcher 10.1 by Andor. The other has Aperio ImageScape v12.4.6, OlyVIA V4.1.1, and a permanent site license of Visiopharm. Imaris can be used for visualization, segmentation, and analysis of 3D and 4D datasets and is particularly suited for fluorescent imaging. Visiopharm utilizes Al-based image analysis and tissue mining tools to allow users to detect, classify, and interpret a variety of sample types and is well suited for performing automated analysis of large datasets.

IMARIS                            Visiopharm


Please refer to the Major Equipment Description List to assist in any grant applications or publications that utilize AIM Core Equipment. Please contact microscopy@llu.edu if you have any questions or would like the document in an alternative file type.