Zeiss LSM 710 NLO          Zeiss Axio Imager A1 - Stereology            

Olympus FV1000              Nikon Optiphot               Keyence BZ-X710

Analysis Workstations

The AIM Core Facility has three analysis systems. The Dell analysis workstation has a fully functional copy of Zeiss Zen software. The second one has IMARIS Bitplane. IMARIS is a very useful program with vast capabilities. Researchers around the world have used IMARIS to answer their research questions and get their data published in high impact journals. The third and newest one runs the Visiopharm software. This software utilizes AI and deep learning technology to analyze images. All the workstations have the most recent version of Image J and R studio. In addition, the facility has a copy of Image Pro plus 6.3 on one of the workstations. 

IMARIS                            Visiopharm