The core has a Zeiss Axio Imager A1 upright microscope with multiple objectives (4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X), and an HBO lamp source. For fluorescence, the microscope is equipped with Zeiss filter set 17 (excitation: BP 485/20nm, emission: BP 515-565nm), filter set 20 (excitation: BP 546/12nm, emission: BP 575-640nm), filter set 49 (excitation: G 365nm, emission: BP 445/50nm), and filter set 50 (excitation: BP 640/30nm, emission: BP 690/50nm). Additionally, the microscope is equipped with a motorized X-Y-Z stage (Applied Scientific) Three Axis Stage Controller for use with closed loop D.C. Servo motor stages, and Z-axis drive. The microscope is fitted with a Firewire 800Mbps Digital Color Camera System. 2448(H) x 2048(V) display and 3.45 x 3.45 (um) pixel size and 5.0MP pixels for superior resolution and Stereologer software for state-of-the-art unbiased cell/object counting, branching, and volume metrics. FIJI (ImageJ-based) image acquisition software with extensive plug-ins is available for analysis and post-hoc image processing.