The core has a Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 inverted LSM 710 NLO laser scanning confocal imaging workstation that provides a wide variety of imaging technologies including multiphoton excitation and spectral analysis. The system has a Violet HeNe (405 nm); Argon Multiline laser (458, 488, 514 nm); Green DPSS laser (561 nm); Orange HeNe (594 nm); Red HeNe laser (633 nm); and Coherent Chameleon Vision II Ti:sapphire laser (680-1080 nm) for multiphoton spectroscopy as well as an X-Cite metal halide lamp for epifluorescence. The system has a 34 channel QUASAR multispectral scanning module, a transmitted-light PMT detector, and 2-non-descanned detectors. For epifluorescence work, the system has a Zeiss HRm CCD camera, which provides high resolution monochrome image capture, low light fluorescence imaging, and time-lapse imaging. The microscope is equipped with a motorized stage suitable for generating high resolutions mosaic images from large preparations and a fast peizo motorizer for rapid Z-axis acquisition. The objectives include a EC Plan NEO 5X 0.3 NA; EC Plan NEO 10X 0.3 NA; Plan-APO 20X 0.8 NA; LD A-plan 40x; Plan APO 63X 1.4 NA Oil; Plan APO 100X 1.4 NA Oil; C-Plan APO 10X 0.8 NA W; C-Plan APO 63X 1.2 NA W. 

For cell electrophysiology, the system also has a patch voltage-clamp subsystem (HEKA EPC10 double) and a Patchstar double manipulator. 

For vessel studies we have Danish Myo Technology pressure (CP120) and wire (CW120) myographs, with an AD Instruments powerlab data logging system and a Dell Dimension workstation. 

For live-cell imaging, there is a PECON heating and environmental control system and an 8 channel Automate Scientific programmable perfusion system with Teflon valves. 

For multiphoton imaging in an “upright” configuration and live animal studies, the Zeiss 710 workstation is outfitted with an LSM Tech Objective Inverter, stage platform, a Harvard apparatus stereotaxic unit for mice and rats, and equipment for whole-animal anesthesia and ventilation. The inverter system has an Apochromatically corrected DIC 40X W Plan-Apochromat with an NA of 1.0. This is an immersion objective designed for electrophysiology.