Olympus FV1000- Confocal 2

Olympus FV1000 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope with multiple laser lines and objectives. The system has a Violet (405 nm); Argon Multiline laser (458, 488, 515 nm); Green laser (561 nm); and Red laser (633 nm); as well as a mercury arc-lamp for epifluorescence. The system has two PMT detectors with adjustable spectral detection (CHS1 and CHS2) and two additional PMTs with fixed wavelength detection (CH3 - BA585-615 or BA585-685 or BA 655-755; CH4 - BA 655-755) as well as a transmitted-light PMT detector (TD1). The dichroic mirrors are BS20/80; DM405/488; DM405/488/561/633; DM458/515; DM405-440/515; DM405/488/559-561. The objectives are UPLFLN 4X NA 0.13; UPLSAPO 10X NA 0.40; UPLSAPO 20X NA 0.75; UPLAPO 40X OI NA 1.0; PLAPON 60X O NA 1.42; UPLFLN 40X O 1.30