To access the facility, users should complete the project request form and return it to the Facility manager at 

Project request form 

This form is vital for us to give you the best guidance and help for your research project. After the form is submitted, we will provide a free consultation to help plan out your imaging at the Facility, going over what microscopes, software programs and imaging techniques are the best for you. This consultation will also help us understand what kind of training you require. The training process is aimed to make you, the user, as independent as possible when using the equipment. After the training session, we continue to provide the support needed to help you throughout your research. 

Service Fee

Please contact facility staff to receive current pricing information. 


After users are trained, they will have access to the FACES scheduling system. FACES can be used to book time on the equipment between 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday. Users that are at an advanced level of use may use the facility after hours and weekends. This would require a key check-out for the relevant rooms.  

Badge access  

Badge access is given too all new users once they are trained. The main door to the Facility is badge controlled and once given badge access, the user can access the facility anytime.  

AIM Facility Acknowledgment 

Please incorporate the following statement into posters and publications when using images that you acquire through the AIM Core Facility.  View Support Acknowledgment.

The Use Policy

If you have any questions or need any more information, please email