Geology Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Earth and Biological Sciences in the School of Science and Technology offers a program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in geology. This program provides the student with a field-oriented education, emphasizing the application of geological principles in interpreting data. Sedimentary geology, paleontology, and environmental geology are areas of emphasis within the department.


The Geology Program focuses on field-oriented geology, particularly sedimentology, stratigraphy, and paleontology. The integrated core-course sequence of the geology degree provides students with a general background in geology as preparation for advanced courses in stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology, and environmental geology.

Fieldwork is emphasized because it provides the student with unique opportunities to examine geological phenomena beyond the classroom and laboratory. Throughout the geology curriculum, students are taught to apply the scientific method to resolve geologic problems. Students are encouraged to consider multiple working hypotheses during this process.

Scholarships and discounts for earth and biological science undergraduate students.


1. Scholarships based on test results

American College Test: ACT score of 30 or above, $3,000 (or 16% of tuition). For a student who maintains a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 3.5, the scholarship is renewable for successive years. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT):

  • National Merit Finalist, 100% of tuition
  • National Merit Semifinalist, 34% of tuition
  • National Merit Commended, 20% of tuition.

For a student who maintains a 3.5 cumulative G.P.A., the scholarship is renewable for successive years. If a student qualifies for both an ACT and an SAT scholarship, the scholarship with the highest dollar value will apply.

2. Renewable G.P.A. scholarships (eligibility based on G.P.A. at the end of previous academic year)

  • G.P.A. between 3.75 and 4.00, $3,000 per year (or 16% of tuition)
  • G.P.A. between 3.50 and 3.74, $2,500 per year (or 13% of tuition)
  • G.P.A. between 3.25 and 3.49, $1,700 per year (or 9% of tuition)

    If a student is eligible for a National Merit Scholarship and/or an ACT scholarship and a G.P.A. scholarship, the one scholarship with the highest dollar value will apply.


    1. Loma Linda University Department of Earth and Biological Sciences (EBS) Faculty Scholarship
    Scholarships of ten-to-thirty percent of tuition can be awarded by the EBS faculty to students with financial need and/or strong promise for future professional contribution. If awardees also qualify for other scholarships listed above, the scholarship with the highest dollar value will apply.

    2. Minority Achievement Scholarship, $2,800 (or 15% of tuition), renewable.
    This scholarship for underrepresented students will be based primarily on scholastic achievement and promise, and secondarily on financial need.

    3. Summer Ministries Leadership Scholarships
    These scholarships are available to students who work at an Adventist summer camp, in summer youth ministry, or in literature evangelism during the summer and then attend this University in the academic year immediately following such service. Loma Linda University will match 50 percent of all money earned in such work that is applied to the student’s tuition.

    4. Student Missions/Task Force Scholarships
    Student Missions/Task Force Scholarships, based on the amount of time served, are available to qualified students who attend this University the year following their term of service.


    Family discount
    An immediate family with two dependent students attending Loma Linda University at the same time will receive a tuition-only discount of $400 (or 2% of tuition) per student, per quarter; with three or more students, the discount is $560 (or 3% of tuition) per student, per quarter.


    • All scholarships and/or discounts cannot exceed costs for tuition.
    • Scholarships and discounts will be applied as a credit to the student’s tuition account at the rate of one-third of the total per quarter and are available to full-time students only.
    • Loss of scholarship money may result when a student does not maintain the minimum cumulative G.P.A. required by the particular scholarship.
    • The last day of final tests for the first quarter that a student is enrolled at this University is the deadline for verifying with Student Financial Services that the student qualifies for a scholarship for the academic year.
    • The scholarships and discounts listed above apply only to students enrolled in undergraduate programs in the Department of Earth and Biological Sciences.
    • Determination of the amount of scholarships and awards at Loma Linda University is influenced by FAFSA data. State and federal grants, as well as other grants and subsidies, will be applied before Loma Linda University scholarships and discounts; therefore, some students may be eligible to receive only a portion of their scholarship award.


    A student pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in the Geology Program will take the first two years of general education and science course work at any accredited community college, college, or university; and the last two years of geology curriculum at Loma Linda University. Admission requirements for the B.S. degree in the Geology Program are a 2.5 G.P.A. during the first two years of course work, and letters of recommendation from two faculty at the institutions previously attended. The degree requirements below include a list of the courses that should be taken during the first two years as preparation for the geology curriculum at Loma Linda University.


    A baccalaureate degree in geology prepares a student to enter graduate programs in geology or paleontology, or for employment in environmental and energy-related industries; or (with the necessary education courses) for teaching in secondary schools. Most employment opportunities in industry, research, or college teaching require a graduate degree.


    A student preparing to teach at the elementary or secondary level will need to complete the requirements for a teaching credential, in addition to the geology major. Consult the Geology Program undergraduate coordinator for further information. General elective units can be used for education courses.


    The Department of Earth and Biological Sciences offers a Master of Science degree in geology. Emphases available in this program are sedimentary geology, paleontology, and environmental geology. A Master of Science degree in biology and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in earth science are also available.

    RELIGION (16)

    A minimum of 4 units for each year the student is enrolled in a Seventh-day Adventist college or university.

    HUMANITIES (12-16)
    Other courses to be selected from:
    Fine arts
    Modern language
    Performing/visual arts (2 quarter units maximum)
    or Philosophy

    Met by the geology degree requirements.

    Two or more of the following required:
    Must include one course dealing with human diversity among peers (e.g., cultural anthropology) Select remaining units from: anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology.

    Must include a full sequence in English composition that meets the baccalaureate degree requirements at an accredited college or university. Also may include courses in computer-information systems, critical thinking, and public speaking.

    Must include two physical activities totaling at least 1 unit, and one course in personal health or nutrition.

    Electives from the foregoing subjects may be chosen to complete the 68 units.


    First- and second-year pregeology requirements (to be taken at any college) 83-99 quarter units

    General chemistry (12)
    Physics (12)
    Math, including calculus (8-12)
    Genetics (4)*
    and Ecology (4)*

    (*one year of general biology may substitute)

    Physical geology (4)**
    Geology elective (4)**

    (**can be taken at Loma Linda University)


    Freshman English (9-12)
    Religion (8)
    History or language (8)
    Personal health or nutrition (2)
    Physical education activities (1)
    Other general studies (5-16)

    THIRD- AND FOURTH-YEAR COURSES (taken at Loma Linda University) (92-100 quarter units)

    GEOLOGY MAJOR( 68 units, including electives)
    GEOL 204 Physical Geology (if not already taken) (4)
    GEOL 316 Mineralogy (4)
    GEOL 317 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (4)
    GEOL 424 Structural Geology (4)
    GEOL 431 Geochemistry (4)
    GEOL 441 Sedimentology (4)
    GEOL 442 Stratigraphy (4)
    GEOL 443 Historical Geology (4)
    GEOL 454 Sedimentary Petrology (4)
    GEOL 456 Field Methods of Geologic Mapping (4)
    GEOL 475 Philosophy of Science and Origins (4)
    GEOL 485 Seminar (1 unit per quarter, 6 quarters) (6)
    GEOL 486 Research and Experimental Design (2)

    Must include one paleontology course.

    COGNATES (12)
    ESSC 401 Earth System Science and Global Change I (4)
    ESSC 402 Earth System Science and Global Change II (4)
    STAT 414 Introduction to Biostatistics (3)
    STAT 415 Computer Applications in Biostatistics (1)



    RELIGION (8)


    TOTAL (192)

    Students should consult with their adviser regarding courses in other programs that are appropriate to the B.S. degree in geology.