Faculty Research

Leonard Brand, Ph.D.

Currently studying the taphonomy of fossil whales in the Miocene/Pliocene Pisco Formation, Peru.


H. Paul Buchheim, PhD

Paul Buchheim has been a professor of geology at Loma Linda University since 1978, where he conducts an active research program on ancient lake deposits and teaches sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleoenvironments, limnogeology, and various topics on microbialites.  He specializes in lacustrine depositional systems, including a focused interest on lacustrine stromatolites and microbialites. He has conducted detailed studies of microbialite-associated lacustrine deposits in terms of their stratigraphic and sedimentologic facies relationships, geochemistry, stratigraphic architecture, regional paleogeography, and sequence stratigraphic relationships. This work has included studies on lacustrine systems in the Eocene Green River Formation of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming; the Archean Tumbiana Formation of Western Australia, the Pliocene Furnace Creek Formation of Death Valley, California, and other systems.   In addition to his work on lacustrine microbialites, he has conducted extensive studies on the origin, paleoenvironments and paleontology of lacustrine laminated carbonates, including oil shale.  This coincides well with his current research on microbialites as oil shale and stromatolites are frequently interbedded and form an integral part of repetitive sedimentary sequences.


Kevin E. Nick, PhD

Paleomagnetics and sedimentology