Loma Linda University's IMSD program is open to PhD students enrolled in the LLU biomedical sciences graduate program.

Interested students should apply concurrently to the IMSD program and to the School of Medicine's Integrated Biomedical Graduate Studies (IBGS) PhD program. The IMSD program will accept qualified students once they are admitted into the IBGS PhD program.

To apply to the IMSD program, please submit your complete online application to the Office of Student Development at the LLU Center for Health Disparities and Molecular Medicine.

Graduate Program Application Links

PhD Program - To apply to the LLU PhD program, please go to either the Basic Science Graduate Studies page or the contact page for the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

What Happens After You Apply

Every submitted application is carefully considered. Here’s what to expect during the application review process.

  1. Students apply online & submit requested materials
  2. Students meeting all requirements (including letter of acceptance by School of Medicine) receive email notification of application review by admissions committee
  3. Application reviewed by application committee
  4. IMSD program students selected.  Letters of acceptance mailed, letters sent to applicants selected for wait list, letters of regret sent to those not accepted into program.
  5. Students have one week to accept program offer.  Wait list applicants offered any open spots after this point.
  6. IMSD program begins.