Support through Loma Linda University's IMSD program and participation in its various activities is open to all qualified PhD students. Students must be accepted into the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Graduate Studies LLU program or be in the application process at the time of application to the IMSD program.

We particularly invite applications from qualified underrepresented minority students. An important goal of the IMSD program is to increase the participation of individuals currently underrepresented in the biomedical, clinical, behavioral, and social sciences. This includes:

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Officially accepted in the PhD program at LLU
  • Supportive letters of recommendation
  • Evidence of volunteer work and community outreach
  • U.S. citizens or non-citizen nationals or permanent residents
  • Demonstrated commitment to inclusion and diversity in education
"I'm very grateful for having been part of the program because it's given me the tools to be successful and that I use everyday."