Plants Growing in Labware

The breadth and depth of research conducted by biochemistry faculty at Loma Linda University’s School of Medicine offer unique opportunities for graduate education.  Because biochemical reactions are the basis for so much of the life sciences, faculty conduct research that is extensively cross-disciplinary and collaborate widely throughout the Basic Sciences, the Medical Center and the LLU campus, as well as with researchers in institutions throughout the world.  At Loma Linda, students can make a difference while completing their education, developing research skills, and fostering life-long collaborations and friends while training in a unique Christ-centered environment.

Facilities available to students and researchers in the Biochemistry program include an outstanding mass spectroscopy facility, MRI and imaging resources including a state-of-the art confocal facility, and equipment to measure atomic absorption.

Graduate students are expected to participate in world-class research, then to communicate their findings to the scientific community by publishing in the peer-reviewed literature and participating in scientific meetings and conferences.  These experiences will give them the tools they need to reach their long-term personal and professional goals.